Only the best all natural for your skin with Apsara SkinCare!

I love products that are chemical free, vegetarian and or vegan and cruelty free. I have known Sheetal, the founder and her wonderful Apsara skincare line for a long time now and when I started blogging earlier this year, I wanted to let everybody know about it as well. 

All natural, Ayurvedic Beauty Care is a must have in everyone's beauty routine. She also offers personalized skin care advise which most of us need, we are always confused of what products to buy and what may or may not work with our skin type.  Apsara skin care line offers a variety of products for all skin types, they also recently started baby products.

In this blog, I am specifically talking about Turmeric cleanser , Neem Cleanser and the Sandalwood Serum. The sweet aroma of these products make you instantly fall in love with it!

Turmeric Cleanser can be used multiple times in your daily routine, I use it in the morning and at night after I take off my makeup. It lathers up well and the sweet smell transports you to a tranquil spa like experience. I have normal skin with occasional to no acne and this works for me, I feel like it will also work for oily skin. 

Neem Cleanser works for combination skin and can be used multiple times in your daily routine. 

The Sandalwood Serum transports you to skincare temple bliss as the sweet aroma of sandalwood touches your face. I use it before I start my makeup routine for moisturizing and nourishing the face and smooth makeup application.

Lastly, the founder of Apsara SkinCare,  Sheetal and her beautiful skin alone is testament, that Apsara SkinCare products are wonderful!

Here's to looking and feeling beautiful!

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