Unwanted Hair be gone!

My favorite go to for unwanted facial hair and  underarm hair is Sally hansen bikini wax

Unwanted facial hair is a problem every girl endures, some are lucky with little to no unwanted hair, and some are unfortunately not so lucky, I fall somewhere in-between like most girls. The wax I am talking about is the stripless bikini wax by Sally Hansen! I mainly use it for facial hair, sideburns, baby hair on the forehead, nape of the neck and pesky underarm hair! This bikini wax works like a charm. Do it in the comfort of your home for under $10 or in a pinch when you don't have time to pamper yourself.

This stripless bikini wax comes in a microwaveble jar with a cute little handle. I keep it in the microwave for about one mintue, 30 seconds and it is ready to be applied. Different size spatulas are included for application in different areas, some need small size while others need the bigger size spatulas.

  • This wax contains oatmeal oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and passion fruit extract known to nourish, soothe, calm and reduce skin irritation
  • It works great on sensitive areas.
  • Along with ouch-relief numbing wipes that needs to be applied before apply the wax on the kin, to pamper post-waxed skin, a special after-care wipe with azulene oil removes excess wax and helps reduce irritation.

The wax dries fast after a few seconds of application, make sure you spread a thick layer at the bottom for easy pull off, I have noticed spreading a thin layer does not get the desired results, so spread a thick layer generously especially at the pull of point, slightly lift off the wax and pull the hardened wax in the opposite direction and voila hair is gone and smooth baby skin appears. Apply multiple times for stubborn hair. 

Facial hair removal is important for that clean, fresh and smooth baby skin look and for easy makeup application as well. 

Be careful not to get the wax on hair that you do not want to remove, if that happens, soak the part in any oil to get red of it, do not pull since hardened wax with pull out anything it gets on.

For me, it does not last for 6 weeks as advertised, I have to repeat the process every week to stay unwanted hair free. 

Always do a patch test to see how your skin reacts to this wax, some maybe extra sensitive and make take time to get used to the wax.

Happy Hair free days with Sally Hansen Stripless Bikini Wax!