Brocade Beauty!

Lehengas are the easiest to wear as far as Indian outfits and you instantly feel like an Indian princess The puffy skirt (lehenga) that you can twirl in and the beautiful bodice with varying colors and embroidery.

This brocade beauty by Shilpa Samai is one of many such lehengas by her label. Brocade is easily one of my favorite fabrics, it always adds a royal touch to any outfit. Here, the bodice and lehenga are simple with the rich brocade fabric making a statement but the dupatta, chunni or veil has intricate details with gold embroidered motifs that run throughout the dupatta and the pretty peach color is unique to match with the blouse and skirt. Usually the dupattas always match the blouse but in this case, I love the different feel it brings to this ensemble!

This lehenga also has the prettiest of tassels and are a great detail addition to most of her lehengas. Her clothes have great attention to little details!

The unique color combination makes this outfit stand out, I love wearing new and unique color combinations, the subtle yellow with the mint green is definitely a new and unique combination.

Scroll down to see some of my favorite shots from this shoot. These images were shot 30 mins before sunset, the best time to shoot however, I was running out of time and an earring fell during the shoot and I did not realize it until after the shoot. Thankfully photoshop to the rescue! See a fun before and after with and without the earring shot!

Shot with a Canon Mark IV body and a Canon 135mm lens.

Lehenga and Jewelry by Shilpa Samai

Jutti by Virsa Couture

Clutch by Kirni Designs