Tradition and or Modern, take your pick!

This look is one of my favorites that can be worn two different ways, offering two options,  skirt with crinoline and the second option is  pants/leggings. Pants/leggings options are endless, you can wear different colors, different style of pants, leggings and or straight pants, making this several options kinda outfit, this way you can wear the same outfit differently and get your money's worth. 

Let's say you are a guest at a wedding and cannot carry two heavy indian party wear outfits with you, this option is perfect for these occasions. wear the lehenga for the ceremony and switch to the pants for the reception.

Lehenga offers the more traditional styling whereas the pants/leggings take the outfit to a whole different level, keeping it modern and sleek.

This party wear outfits are from my favorite boutique here in the bay area, Vama Designs, located in the luxurious neighborhood of Silver Creek hills.

Scroll down to see some of my favorites from this look, shot with a 70-200 Canon lens and 85 1.4 sigma prime, on a Canon Mark IV body.

Dress by Vama Designs

Parasol by Amazon