Sublime Sunrise...

The alarm clock buzzed at 5 am, still half asleep, I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep until I remembered why I had set the alarm clock. I hastily got out of bed to check if it was still dark outside and it was, but not for too long.  Weather in Mexico was just perfect so that helped, Shorts, t-shirt and sandals and off I went with my canon camera, 24-70mm favorite lens(the best I had at that moment for these type of shots) I decided I would try slow shutter, handheld since I didn't want to carry too much stuff.(not recommended)

There was hardly anybody out yet, the bar and lounge by the infinity pool which is usually packed with people by mid day was empty, water by the pool was calm and serene.  I had to walk across the infinity pool of the hotel to get to the beach, I stopped and got few shots that were an absolutely delight to shoot, everywhere I looked there was a photo opportunity. I had to stop myself from shooting at the pool in order not to miss the sunrise. I walked briskly down a long set of stairs to get down to the beach. Sand was warm and inviting and the cool gentle breeze made it all worth it. I took off my sandals,  crouched down for most of my shots, holding my breath and trying to keep the camera still for the slow shutter shots and most other as well.

As the sun, slowly but surely kept rising, casting a golden glow on the ocean, the magic of golden hour, what followed was breathtakingly beautiful moments captured in frames forever. Scroll down for some of my favorite shots. Edited with my favorite preset SLR Lounge HDR Vivid Colors.

Camera Body- Canon EOS 5D Mark III,  Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens, Location- Hilton, Los Cabos, Beach and Golf Resort