Endless Chiffon!

I love the look and feel of chiffon, needless to say I own many dresses in chiffon and they bring out the best in me!  

On a recent trip to Hawaii, I had to take my favorite chiffon romper with me and I paired it with these pretty blingy anklets that every girl must own in her jewelry closet, this look wont disappoint you.

This dress has plunging neckline, you can show it off or chose to go the modest route with a bralet or a tubetop, it has a slit to show off beautiful tan legs that you will get once you are in Hawaii!

I love plumerias, readily available everywhere you look, there are plenty on fresh flowers fallen on the ground so you don't have to pluck. I added that to my hair for that tropical look and feel! 

Scroll down to see some amazing shots taken against the beautiful sunset of Maui, Hawaii!

Some shots taken during a quick stop at that amazing vista points in Maui!

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