The Splendid Sari!

A Sari will always hold a special place in every Indian girl's heart! Needless to say, I have a perpetual love for Saris.

Some of my favorite play time memories was rushing home from School to quickly finish schoolwork, grabbing a sari from mom's closet, and failed attempts at trying to drape it right! When I  finally figured it out, oh the happiness and the joyful journey of endless play time with fellow sari-clad girlfriends. I could be a teacher, a fashion model, my mom, the sari made me feel all grown up and powerful. 

Now, as an adult, I prefer saris that drape quickly. Saris need a lot of accessories to give it that final perfect look. First is the petticoat that also comes in various different fabrics that help drape and tuck in the 6 to 9 yards of sari fabric, I won't go into too much details about the petticoat which deserves a blog post by itself. Then there is the blouse, which actually deserves several different blog posts because there are endless options of blouses from a custom fit designer blouse, a bikini blouse to a full sleeves crop top available at any local store, ideas are endless, but it is a must-have accessory that goes with the sari. Hollywood may have changed this must-have accessory into a no-need accessory at several award shows, but for most people it is definitely needed!  

Although, every sari is unique and always looks elegant when draped right, I love chiffons and crepes! Add bright colors and floral pattern to the sari and I am instantly drawn to it. 

Simple yet elegant, floral and geometric designs work together like magic creating a  modern day appeal! An off-the-shoulder blouse that is elegant yet sassy, and is readily available in most girls' closet makes for a perfect blouse. Add that rhinestone hip belt to accentuate the work of art that is a woman's body and unleash a modern day Maharani!

One canon lens was used for this shoot, an EF 70-200MM F/2.8L on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Body with available Natural light.

Sari from Jashn, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Shoot location - Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco